May 5th, 2009, 8:38 pm

Another Interruption

Every week goes by and I think to myself, “yes! I’m going to do it! Gonna work on another page…!” Only to realize, hey, no, this really can’t be high on my priority list… got homework to do…

I’m in a tight squeeze, really. End of the year, work is piling up, and ENGLISH IS BEING A BITCH. Really. If I keep doing so terribly I may end up FAILING it, and that would mean I can’t even graduate. I’ve never been worried about a class before, because I’ve never ever been remotely close to failing any. Honestly, I shouldn’t have chosen to take a college English class. My AP US History class isn’t making me feel any better, either. Both of these classes MUST be passed for me to graduate and get my ass into college.

So I really have to dedicate my time to them. It’s weird for me, since it’s never been such a big deal before, and I could almost always find time to do things like this. I’m sorry I have to do this again, but I must apologize, over, and over. I really want to pick this back up again, but it never seems to be a good time! Pray that come June, I can get this back into gear!

On a slightly unrelated note, the comic’s one year anniversary is this month. That’s pretty exciting, isn’t it? Too bad I HAVE TO PUT IT ASIDE FOR NOW.

(I refuse to use the word hiatus! +shakes fist+)


Liza (Guest), September 21st, 2013, 11:07 am

Hey, Eliza! Loose Id Hey, Eliza! Loose Id's host was changing seevrrs when complications arose, which they are working to resolve as quickly as possible. I haven't checked my email yet, but should be soon. In the meantime, my LI titles are all still available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ARe, and at other vendors. Sorry about the inconvenience!!!

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