Frequently Asked Questions

Hey everyone, I didn't think people would actually ask so many questions. :O Actually, these aren't so "frequent" but I am answering all questions that may apply to a lot of people, starting with the more popular ones. If you have a question, don't hesitate to ask!

Q: Why is the comic called "Kirby of the Stars" since that's the name of the anime?
A: My comic was NOT named after the anime!! Several titles have the name "Kirby of the Stars" in Japan including +GASP!+ KIRBY OF THE STARS 64!! So just... stop... stop telling me it's the name of the anime... I KNOW... and I DON'T EVEN LIKE THE ANIME ANYWAYS... ;-;

Q: I know that cameo submissions are closed, but PLEASE can I still cameo??
A: No.

Q: Is Kirby a boy or a girl??
A: Kirby is a boy! I know I draw him and he looks like a girl... but you know, he can be mistaken as a girl in his original form, too, so I think I'm being pretty accurate. xD

Q: If you're making a manga, how come it reads from left to right?
Umm, I've been asked why I have my manga read from left to right rather than right to left like authentic manga from Japan reads. I think that since I'm not Japanese, will never become Japanese, and neither do I want to be Japanese, it's only right that I draw comics read the western way, and I feel less like a poser... xD Besides, I try and combine elements of American comic books, and I prefer it being called a "comic" rather than "manga" anyways, but you're free to call it whatever you want.

Q: Who's your favorite Kirby character?
A: Honestly... King Dedede. x3 Second favorite is Kirby! Then Waddle Dee because he's adorable.


Q: Why do you draw everyone as a human?
A: Because it's my comic and I feel like it...

Q: What differences are there between the actual game and your comic?
A: Haha, well, the most obvious is that everyone is in human form. P= Second most obvious is that there's dialogue... xD But, I am changing a few things around, but nothing that detracts from the story. Also, I am not going through collecting all 100 shard pieces... xD That would get old quick.

Q: Can I draw fanart for this comic?
A: I'd love you if you did! :D There's one rule though, you have to show me. >( Maybe when I get some I'll put up a new page especially for fanart. Hehe... fanart for a fancomic... kind of funny. xD

Q: Why is Ribbon's hair different from everyone else's?
A: Sometimes I feel like using odd tones for hair... it happened to be Ribbon's hair...

Q: Is Meta Knight going to be in the comic??
A: Is Meta Knight in the game? No.
And, despite my name... I don't like Meta Knight. I think he's ridiculous... xD

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