Caption Contest
Start: November 9th, 2008
End: November 30th, 2008 @ Midnight


1st Place: Bowser Knight
2nd Place: Hunter Kirizaki
3rd Place: Celtic Guardian

Thank you everyone for entering! I hope everyone enjoyed it, and maybe I'll hold another contest sometime! =)

Contest is closed!
Entries are in!

BlueRose BowserKnight Celtic Guardian Djoing
gatemaster GYOSHI HunterKirizaki LordMatt1 Phoenix of Chaos
Scytheholder ShadariDraconis Shadow the Unborn Slarg the Gnome Squeejee
Sushi Gummy Whip the Rabbit

Winners will be announced December 5th!

Description: On the blank, pre-made mini comic, it's up to you to add the dialog for the characters. Make it funny and do your best to have it make sense with their actions and expressions! There are two base comics for you to choose from, but you can only make one submission! If you submit one but decide to change your mind, let me know. Have fun with it! The funniest will win!

Please Include:
A title
Your name (can be your screen name) under the title
Dialog in an easy to read and easy to follow format (speech bubbles preferred)

Choose a Base Comic!


First off, I am ok with swearing, but I don't appreciate dropping of the f-bomb. Entries with that word in them won't be accepted, so either censor it or substitute it for a different word.
Second, please nothing above the PG-13 level. If you are unsure if your comic fits under that guideline, submit it to me anyways and I will let you know if you crossed the line.
Third, you can only have one submission, even though there are two base comics. If you submit one but change your mind and want to use the other, just let me know.
Fourth, all entries must be in ENGLISH. Please double check for typos and make sure you use proper punctuation, as these may affect your score.


1st Place: I will draw a guest comic for your comic (or one of your comics of your choice) in the 4-panel mini-comic style. You will also get a drawn (inked and colored) request of your choice (1 character). If you don't have a comic, you can get two requests.
2nd Place: You will get one drawn (inked and colored) request of your choice (1 character).
3rd Place: You will get one sketch request of your choice (1 character).

Sample inked and colored request
Sample sketch request


I, of course, will be judging all of the entries. But I will also get some people I know online and offline who aren't biased towards anyone to judge as well, so the winners will be most fairly chosen.
Judging won't be based as much on the quality of the speech bubbles and format. The main factor is the quality of the dialogue itself.


To submit your entry, PM or e-mail it to me (metaishopeless). If you don't have a Smackjeeves account, e-mail it to me at You can submit until Midnight on November 30th.


All entries will be displayed after the end date of the contest. Judging will end December 5th, 2008, and the winners will be announced.

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