Here is the list of cameos, all listed under the star they will be appearing on. The order they are in, however, does not imply the order they will appear. ;) However, at this moment things are subject to change. Nothing is concrete until I've actually written it, really. So don't be alarmed if I change a few things around.

Next to the cameo's name will be the person's name who that cameo belongs to, since NONE of these characters belong to me.

Also, if the cameo's name is a link, you can click on it to see the picture I've drawn of them. If it's not a link, that simply means I haven't done the picture yet, so don't worry about it.

If you don't see your cameo listed, DON'T PANIC. I just haven't found a place for them yet. But don't worry, soon enough you will see yours on the list.

The list shows where the character will FIRST appear. It doesn't, however, say the duration of their appearance or whether or not they'll appear again. ;)

If I made any mistakes with characters or usernames, feel free to let me know.

Cameo Submissions are CLOSED

Sorry if you didn't get to submit a cameo, but it was clearly stated that no more will be accepted after the end of Chapter 1. Chapter 1 has ended now. u_u And if you're new, well, sorry. All submissions from now on will be promptly deleted.

About the Artwork

Each character will be drawn separately and you can click the name of the character to see the artwork. I will be sending the character's owner the artwork separately as well, in case they don't check the cameos page.

I will allow you to use the artwork however you want HOWEVER please keep the credits on the picture! If you need to edit the picture so that there is no room for the credits, please put the credits somewhere near it, then... please. If I find that this simple request is not being followed I will put ugly watermarks all over your pictures! And nobody wants that! (Although, I don't really mind if you make the picture into an avatar and leave off the credits, because I know it's hard fitting them in there... >_>)

The List
Currently Listed: 14/14

Pop Star

Gatemaster - gatemaster
Eric - Squeejee
Pita - Nix

Rock Star

Frey - Captain Ghost
Kisiro - Reign Prower
Nephlyte - Shadow the Unborn

Aqua Star

Ivansic Pharone - Tayday12
Super Umbrella Man (Tyler) - Flashdoggydogg

Neo Star

Hunter Kirizaki - Hunterkirizaki
Koji - Mole-chan
Shiv - Squeejee

Shiver Star

Brandt Bae - Arisan

Ripple Star

Silhouettes of Sadness (Hilt, Feather, and Devourer of Depression) - TheRingmaster

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